About LakeKover

About The Company

LakeKover Photography is a premier business in Abilene, Texas, dedicated to serving and pleasing our customers with the highest-quality work possible. We specialize in Real-Estate Architecture Photography, 360º Virtual Tours and 3D Virtual Tours. We have photographed countless homes and created over 100 virtual tours for many Realtors, Builders & Homeowners in Abilene and across West Texas.

The Story

LakeKover started as a small business back in 2009. But to go back to the beginning of the long road, you have to go back to when I was about 6 years old. My family and I were on a road trip. My Dad took my Brother, Sister, and I to a little thrift store and we were told we could pick something out. I chose a little plastic, red, white, and blue camera. I remember that it was $4.00. Before we brought the camera to the register my Dad made sure I knew it wasn't a real camera, and that it didn't actually take pictures.
about LakeKover photography
One of my Canon 5D Mark IIIs
Ok... Well, I had a feeling, and so I wanted it anyways. So the cashier rung us up. On the way to the car I popped the back of the camera open to find where film would go. Yes, this was when film was still around. We didn't have any film with us, so I had to wait till we got back home to Texas. It seemed like the longest trip home ever. We got home and pretty quickly I tried putting film in the camera to see if it worked. Well, a couple batteries later, there began my long relationship with any camera or camcorder I could get my hands on
about LakeKover photography
Shooting Aerial Photography from a Helicopter
. From point-and-shoots and HandyCams to camera phones. I wanted to learn everything I could about taking pictures and capturing film. My Dad was interested in photography as well and knew a lot of the technicalities, and so that began my photography education. Well some things have changed since then. My camera equipment has gone professional. I have a family. And because of my love for creating quality images and video, we now have branched out to offer 3D and 360º User-Interactive  Virtual Tours. I have a passion for photography, and continue to learn, improve and increase my efficiency. With a long history in this business, it's in our blood. Photography is not just what we do, it's what we are. We are LakeKover Photography.